About Jani

Jani Aaltonen is an inbound oriented entrepreneur, who has thirteen years of solid experience in running successful businesses. Currently Jani is a partner in a HubSpot Gold Certified inbound agency; Aaltonen & Yrjölä Sales Communications. He is also a public speaker, trainer and sales & marketing consultant. Jani’s passion is in inbound marketing, sales and he helps companies align their sales & marketing toward their desired goals.

Jani ’s success started off with an outbound agency over 13 years ago. He ran the business with great success, until buyer behaviours changed drastically. Outbound marketing just did not cut it anymore. In 2011 Jani completely turned the company around and transformed it to an inbound agency. Since the transition to inbound, the company has experienced tremendous growth, all thanks to inbound marketing. In the second fiscal year the company tripled its revenue, and in the third it doubled its revenue.