So summing up. Just another crm? HubSpot CRM

”HubSpot’s CRM and Sidekick are perfect for companies that want to transform how they attract, engage, and delight prospects, customers and leads and want sales technology that matches today’s buying process.” Brian Halligan, CEO HubSpot

For companies who are serious about results in the age of the digital sales funnel this crm addition to the HubSpot services family is a game changer. From everything we’ve seen it blends in perfectly with what companies and individuals are actually doing here and now. In InBound and out.

We’re introducing it to our organization now and all the signals we have are saying:

Yes, it works just like the other pieces in the HubSpot portfolio and provides us with new, more effective opportunities in sales. Our crm functionalities can now meet today’s changing sales landscape and the challenges it poses for a 360 approach to managing marketing and sales.


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