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HubSpot Launches into Sales with an Integrated CRM Tool PART 1: Here’s why we love it.

by Jani Aaltonen & Tomi Yrjölä, founding partners at Aaltonen & Yrjölä Sales Communications, an Inbound Marketing House based in Helsinki, Finland.


Say Goodbye to Old CRM

Ever get that odd, strange feeling about the CRM your company is using? It sort of feels detached from everything, out of step, expensive to use, restricted to the sales reps, complicated and living its own life?

In our jobs we meet hundreds of companies a year and often bump into situations where crm applications are either a factor helping to separate sales from marketing or, even more unfortunately, the recreational hobby of a minority of dutiful sales representatives who are trying to do things right.

Why is that?

Largely because we are talking about expensive and complicated systems, all with their own passwords, logic and required competence sets. Instead of helping to merge people, functions and events – thereby supporting overall strategy – your typical crm can actually eat up your time and build a wall between sales and marketing.

Forget that.

HubSpot, the world’s #1 marketing platform, is now changing the game and that’s great news for our clients. We really think this is a CRM system your sales team will actually use – in a way that frees time for what you are actually paying them to do – sell!